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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content

Shill are for damage control and to derail investigation.
THEY ONLY show up at posts, threads, when they are COMPLICIT, INVOLVED and GUILTY.

It's an EASY LITMUS test. No shills - no guilt, nothing to hide, nothing to cover up nothing to derail.
Shills = guilt, involvement, cover-up, lying.

I love when they show up; it's a CONFIRMATION.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32822335

Your post is confirmation that you're not engaging in critical thinking.

Have you read the disclaimer on this website?

The reader is responsible for discerning the validity, factuality or implications of information posted here, be it fictional or based on real events.

Not all posts on this website are intended as truthful or factual assertion by their authors. Some users of this website are participating in internet role playing, with or without the use of an avatar. NO post on this website should be considered factual information on face value alone. Users are encouraged to use DISCERNMENT


People role play and post lies/bullshit narratives on this website regularly and frequently. There are posters who crave attention and posters who get enjoyment out of misleading people and provoking emotional reactions. You are encouraged to question & challenge what you read and not accept anything that you read as the 'truth'.

Yet when people openly question & challenge what they are reading, they automatically get labeled as 'shills' and then people such as yourself jump to the conclusion that because people are disagreeing with and challenging the information posted, that it MUST be valid/authentic/truth because otherwise no one would question or challenge it?

Do you see how backwards your brand of logic/reasoning is? You rely on other peoples' reactions to judge the validity of content being posted, when those reactions/responses are completely separate from and independent of the original content & source of the message.

Here's a hypothetical situation for you. I decide to make up a fictitious narrative about an event I experienced and present it as fact/truth. My story is elaborate and somewhat convincing and entertaining but has elements that raise suspicion and warrant questioning/criticism. By your logic & reasoning, if any users challenge my story or call into question the validity of my account, THAT alone is proof that my story is real and that I'm telling the truth? Therefore my fictitious story becomes the 'truth' the minute people begin challenging it on a CONSPIRACY forum?

You need to scrutinize & question the actual CONTENT of what is posted. By relying on the reactions/responses of others as your basis to determine the authenticity of said content, you are doing nothing but lining yourself up to be misled. Think about it.
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