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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Zuzu's Petals
Post Content
Holden has been polluting several SH thread for several days now. Talks as if you has "inside" info. Tired of hearing his smack myself.byekitty
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4613981

Whats wrong? Does the truth bother you that much?

Im getting sick of seeing sick wackos post absolute bullshit and lies about this shooting, and if you dont like it you can write it on a note and shove it up your ass.
 Quoting: Holden 32744103

OK Holden,
pls explain the two nuns with ID tags on their necks and wearing black tactical (military) boots. One of them appears to conceal something under her (his?) coat.
They are photographed at least twice; two pics I saw are on the Net and so ugly, they they could be males.

There is no nunnery there within walking distance, What would they be doing there, strolling around in a restricted area?

Btw: how were the kids evacuated? No school buses; none anywhere, at any time. Yet per my info, 600 kids were in the school. Curious...

Shills are easy to identify. They spew, attack, froth, "debunk", threaten, but explain NOTHING.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32822335

This thread has the photos of the nuns: Thread: Sandy Hook Nuns....Picture!!! You Decide.

Those are military boots? The more I look at those two women, the stranger they look, but I'm not sure about the boot thing. They look like black running shoes to me.
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