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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle IssueX
Post Content
CT has some kick ass pizza
 Quoting: Dogfood 29006760


Connectict still has bias against Italians, for chrissake

Texas, which people think is racist and redneck, has better pizza, (at least in Houston, Ft Worth, Dallas and Austin....)

In Westport, there was one pizza shop which was kinda ok...post corner Pizza

in Newtown, when first set up my avid video editing studio back in the 1990s, Taunton Press was one of my regular clients

The guys from Taunton told me how the town fathers of Newtown drove out any kind of ethnic food from Newtown, except for the crappy pizza shop up from brothers pizza which was kinda OK

there's an Indian guy who bought the only Italian restaurant in town, called Mona Lisa. He couldn't run an indian restaurant (and I love Indian) bc he would be basically run out of town down to Monroe or Bridgeport...

in CT Italian food is considered "exotic" even in Westport or Fairfield

just an fyi ....
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