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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Zuzu's Petals
Post Content
Right on, ZP.
If any person does not understand that in a real incident that every single person would have been transported to a hospital while lifesaving measures attempted does not comprehend real life.

You could find a person who was killed in a motorcycle crash.
They'll scrape together whatever remains and fly or drive them to a hospital. They don't just leave them there on the side of the road because they're dead and no point in trying to remove them.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

ROFLMAO!!! Absolutely false. Only those with a potential to be saved are taken to an ED. People are routinely declared dead on scene. Are you gonna do CPR on someone whose head is gone from the jaw up? Uh no, idiot. Additionally, with an active crime scene investigation (der hurr such as Sandy Hook), the bodies will not be moved until the crime scene investigators determine them to be moved.

I continue to ask myself, why do I even bother to debate with damn ignorant fools who make such plainly untrue claims?

 Quoting: Holden 32744103

You can't "debate" which is why you're resorting to the personal attacks, name calling and "OMG SMGDMFH."

Personally, I'm not looking to "debate" anything regarding Sandy Hook. I'd just like answers that mesh with my common sense. There don't seem to be many.

Regarding not moving bodies because it was an active crime scene investigation...They'd have moved them if they were fighting for their lives. I realize you're talking about the deceased, but how are you qualified to state that as fact? By your logic, they wouldn't move the injured until they'd finished getting what they needed - photos, evidence, etc. Again, doesn't make sense.

It makes sense to me that they wouldn't necessarily transport people shot to the head who were clearly dead. But, who pronounced them dead? And who did so that quickly?

You can hear in the audio, someone saying, "How many ambulances are you going to need?" The response is: "We don't know, they're not telling us." What?! Again, why not err on the side of caution, and ask for several? You can't justify this to me. To know so early on that they wouldn't even need ambulances? To park them so far away from the school? To literally wheel stretchers up that road and possibly back to the ambulances? That makes zero sense to me and never will make sense.
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