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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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For those of you just catching up, the NBC news Chief Justice Correspondent Pete Williams went on national TV on 12/15 and said that Federal and state officials confirmed to him that there were no rifles in the school, just FOUR handguns.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33061433

... and later admitted that was a mistake.

For those of you just catching up, both 1)the law enforcement in charge and 2)medical examiner have both stated that the AR was used to shoot all the people in the school(and NEVER stated otherwise!); except for the shot Adam used to kill himself which was from a handgun.
 Quoting: Holden 32744103

The people who made this incident got what they wanted. Total confusion of the facts and a precursor to gun control.

There is no right answer on this story. They intentionally kept putting out counter-facts so nothing could be discerned. The obvious smoking gun IMO is the discarded clothing outside the lanza car, and the fact that 9/11, Colorado, 7/7 bombings, and Sandy Hook all had the same mock drills running.

You can't discover the real story. You have paid shills, whether government or 3rd party hired all over the internet. The only obvious thing about this Sandy Hook incident is that the intelligence services, in cooperation with homeland security, had a part in it. IMO.
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