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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Rinty
Post Content
I know Scarlett Lewis. But I would like to know where in the hell she got all of that money to "spruce" herself up for interviews.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32912855

You end by by saying you "don't know what's going on" but present your experience and theory. well, no one believes what the media presents as truth, and our govenment has zero credibility. But I DO know Scarlett Lewis, her mother Maureen, her ex Neil (Jesse's father) and her two sons. My kids saw hers all summer, they go boating on the same lake together. They are kind and good people, Scarlett owns a farm and has opened it up to many children who might not ever get to go horseback riding or experience "farm life". So why in the world would you put such an ugly, unrelated remark into your post? Are you one of her stupid neighbors who bought one of the "McMansions" in the new development they put in across the street, and who now complain about her barn and animals even though they live across from a working 1700's farm??? One of the people who have left nasty notes, have let her sheep and other animals out then called Animal Control to complain? Hmmm ???

I live two towns away (Huntington) and my shop, Talisman (you can google it to confirm) is one town away in Monroe. We are ALL devastated here by this senseless, horrible act of violence. No matter who or what perpetrated it, the children ARE dead. We are all grieving. There are many unanswered questions, much that is not being told to us and we are aware of all that. But don't say things that are just mean and have no relevance - Scarlett doesn't deserve that, and as her friend I am deeply offended. Come to the shop, I'll be happy to discuss this in in-depth with you ...

Thank you,
Laura Lenhard (I am NO "anonymous coward"!!!)
 Quoting: CTChick

This sounds honest. It sounds real. Thank you, Laura. Thank you very much. I believe the original poster too. He passed some difficult tests. You are right to speak out if you feel he has offended your friend. However, in doing so, (saying she looked unusually neat), some information was given. You say she runs a farm. I would not expect her to go around dressed all prim. The original poster saw she was dressed unusual as if someone prepared her for interviewing. In that process he offended. I donít think it was intentional and by the sound of his post seems the type of guy who would apologize when opportunity arises.
The more witnesses the better. I want you to know that many of the readers greatly appreciate you and the original witness.

There has been harsh talk about Wiccan. The United States Military accepts this as a religion and even has a special grave marker. There is something wrong with what the government and media has done with Sandy Hook. There seems to be evidence that publicity from Sandy Hook is being used to take our gun rights. We have right of religion too. Let us respect that.
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