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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Women are more inclined to give minute detail when speaking about an event. I suspect the OP is a woman. She tells what she had for breakfast and had emptied the milk carton. This was why she needed to run to the store for more milk and this also gave her an excuse to catch up with with a friend in town. Why does this sound so peculiar to people. I'm often accused of giving to much detail in order to tell a story but does this mean that I'm fake? My intution tells me that the OP's account is legit.
 Quoting: Tirzah

Your intuition is incorrect. The OP was blatantly lying, and it was obvious. It wasn't just the volume of details, it was their complete superfluous and irrelevant nature as related to the story at hand. Then there was the issue of the bizarrely capitalized words, and the geographic driving details (ie ~ 'I headed West to Danbury', et al), all added to help 'prove' they were there, after they initiated the post by saying they weren't going to prove they were there.

The OP was a guy, not a woman. I'm not going to reveal what gave that away...I may need to use it again.
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