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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle tildeali
Post Content
I have been following your threads here for a few days now.
And the one that got me very intersted was the little noah boy. If you look up the west coast uncle's name (here is the info from his office website - his job description is :trial and appellate lawyer specializing in white-collar criminal defense, general criminal defense, and civil litigation.)you will see a lady who looks very much like the lady who spoke of her adorable little boy - taken too soon. except younger, and actually sad. If her twins were full term they would have been concieved about a week before this mugshot. Most twins are not carried to 40 weeks though - so maybe whoever got her out of jail helped jump start her new life?

[link to florida.arrests.org]

side note - if your kid was ran over by a Ford F-150 truck would you really care what kind of vehicle it was?

I also thought it odd that the petition the family filed was from the 'maternal family' as if the paternal family is not concerned?
[link to s3.documentcloud.org]

If this has already been brought up please let me know.
I looked around and couldn't find it.
can I post a photo like this?
[link to www.flickr.com]
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