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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle En Sof
Post Content
hey crazy witch, i'd still like to know, are you familiar with any sort of child sacrifice for the purpose of creating a talisman?

 Quoting: The Gallows

"Crazy" is the idea of child sacrifice and no, I have no knowledge of such things. Ditto satanism. Sorry to disapoint you. I didn't post on this thread to defend my spirituality or my shop - just my friend. Who is a real person, has two real children (one now deceased) and who owns a 4 acre farm - not 900 acres as someone posted earlier. She didn't write a "hokey" book on 9/11, she wrote a children's book about one of her horses and her foal. I never said I lived in Sandy Hook, but rather two towns over.

I will agree with an earlier post that people in and around the area ARE being especially kind to one another - randomly paying for one another's coffee, for example. Christmas here was almost a non-event in terms of shopping and materialism, which was hard on many local shops (and malls) but no one I know complained because everyone's focus was on spending time together as a family and doing things together as opposed to buying things. And if it's possible for any good to have come out of this awful thing, it would be that.

Kindness ... a few of you might consider trying it on for size. Blessed Be.
 Quoting: CTChick

Blessings to you too, Laura.

- Michael
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