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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Christmas was a NON-EVENT??.....Uh Creepy.....Just like the school didnt have any Christmas Deco's in the windows

A non-event in terms of materialism ... every school in the area had snowflakes in the windows in groups of 21 (for the 20 children plus the shooter, who many people felt compassion for rather than hate). More of that "kindness" stuff. Instead of going out shopping for gifts and spending money on "things" families were spending time together at home or volunteering for local charities. A good thing.

Listen, I don't know of any person in this area who isn't aware that something very strange went on that day. It was badly reported, holes in the stories, and way too much secrecy and/or concidence. It is the topic of much conversation, where ever you go people here are talking about it. Please remember that this part of Connecticut (Fairfield County) was deeply affected by the events of 9/11, in that many people who worked in the Twin Towers lived here. So just like the children who died in Sandy Hook, many of us did know people who died that day. And now, years later - our innocence is gone; we don't trust our government, we don't believe the media. But to discount the fact that people died by saying they didn't, or blame the victims because someone was "fixed up" for an interview is just mean-spirited ... and wrong, in my opinion.

Look, less than a year ago the people of Greece woke up one morning to find their Country's government had voted in an "Austerity Package" and that their savings, pensions, etc. were GONE. Further, they were informed they would work 6 weeks out of each year for free, and those who had a job would pay a stipend in order to keep those jobs. When the men went to protest, they went armed with bats and rocks - and the military police hosed them with water guns. Why? Because the people of Greece were disarmed years ago. Does anyone doubt this event (Sandy Hook) is being utilized by the US Government as a means to install fear and thereby remove guns from the American people? I think THAT'S the "conspiracy" here ... a financial failure is pending, and the last thing any government wants is a well-armed public or citizen's militia when that happens.
 Quoting: CTChick

Could you go into some detail about Scarlett Lewis and her son?

Any others that you can personally vouch for? Because not all 20 children appear to have been actual persons.
Or not related as advertised.
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