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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle En Sof
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Laura/CTChick is an incredibly kind, humble and very brave soul and I, personally, am blessed to have made her acquaintance and I just wanted to say that it is absolutely sickening some of the personal attacks people in this thread have made towards her, insinuated or implied. There is WHITE magick and BLACK magick and while I don't deny that there is some underlying markings of ritualistic and occultist doings at Sandy Hook to even jokingly imply that, just because of her Wiccan/Pagan beliefs, Laura must be playing for the wrong team or working with the 'bad guys' is disgusting. Seriously, lets cut out the 'witch-hunt' bs. This isn't Salem, MA.

Many Blessings of LOVE and Most Radiant and Illimitable Light to Laura, her family and her beautiful business. It's rare to meet such genuine people these days. We'd be much better off with more people like her in this world.

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