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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Where has it gotten attention?
 Quoting: Zuzu's Petals

Message boards...facebook...twitter....youtube comments...etc

It's all over the place, and it drew people in like moths to a flame.

And it will be used as more 'evidence' that Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists are all a bunch of lying kooks.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32284139

Most people in here stopped paying much attention to the original post long ago. Other pertinent things have come up so I'm not exactly sure why people keep trying to steer everything back to the OP.
 Quoting: Zuzu's Petals

Just getting ready to post just that.....this business of discrediting the OP is BS. How do any of you know that OP did't use an alias for his friend's name - DAVE - intentionally. OMG this is GLP. Everybody needs to get a grip. You will never know whether OP was legit or not and nothing would have made a difference in this. GLPers reading this thread as usual will be divided.

This entire Sandy Hook thing is so far out of control at this point, just consider this. Go back and take a look at the pics of the supposed Actors...I had to laugh when I went through some of the pics of the Florida people/actors. Many of those pics were photo shopped too, same as some of the family of victims photos. This entire fiasco is just that and spinning out of control to such an extent, nobody can make heads or tails of it anymore and that my friends is the intention...meant to go in many different directions to divide this country in many different ways.

Seriously, at this point every sheep I know is discussing this "Conspiracy" and they all believe it. Do you seriously think a large majority of the sheep are smart enough to wake up after just one horrible tragedy? No, the information is that blatently misconstrued and confused that even the novice, the sheep can see through it. WHY?

So before you all continue with your addiction to proving conspiracy, ask yourself why this is happening and consider that everything you say now is impacting most every American adult and you are feeding a fire. Then ask yourself why this is being allowed to happen?
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