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Message Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
Poster Handle IssueX
Post Content
Who knows, Zuzu?

Here we still have a standing invitation for people of Newtown who live there to add info.

And they never do.

They just prove they live around there.
Tell you where a grotto is.
Tell you about their witch shop.
Let you know where to find the best ice cream and
burgers if you happen to ever be up that way.

They are worse than useless.

I guess how Laura knows Scarlett is she frequents her
Witches n Warlocks R us store.
No wonder she doesn't want to mention that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

as you quoted two of the things I mentioned I feel I should respond

I never claimed to have information regarding the shooting. I'm reading these threads looking for clues like most others...and I assume even most who live in Newtown feel the same way. It's a fairly big and spread out place

The questions I posed were for the OP, in case they returned. They were a couple of questions which as far as I know you would only know if you're actually from that town or the next town over and not say posting from Michigan. Incidentally OP didn't answer them, nor did anyone else

The funny thing is, if someone were to post here and give precise details about the shooter or his mom, or other names and addresses, some would probably accuse them or being full of lies so they might not have much incentive to add much to the thread...

I know this incident and the inconsistencies surrounding it have people in a bad mood, but there's nothing to be gained by attacking people who are trying to add to the conversation or help best they can

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