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2nd Ammendment - we could loose for winning

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01/25/2013 02:54 AM
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2nd Ammendment - we could loose for winning
It seems that I can't get through a day without a discussion on defending Liberty from the 'tards presently running the show. But I keep coming back to two key points, and so though I would share them -

1. I have been told many times recently that, "If you think you know ugly, you haven't seen ugly yet. And I hope we never do. No sane person would ever consider doing something that could possibly lead to such events."
- Well I have seen ungly, and I absolutely agree, and there lies my concern - there are many 'true believers' in the lefty crowd who have no clue what *ugly* actually is.

Many of these nut-cases honestly believe that Aurora and Sandy Hook have been personal attacks upon them and their families. Really. Their outrage is 100% personal, and nearly off the scale in their minds - they may be deluded to consider these events as personal attacks, but they do. So my concern is this "no sane person" clause that so many folks keep reverting to to maintain their state of denial, and how much sanity should we really attribute to the lefty-loosies, if this fire gets stoked much hotter in their minds?

Now consider this for a moment; say you were one of these ignorant, meme-driven lib'tards, and really believed that "it is already a war, so we just have to win it" then you might also become convinced that "things couldn't get much worse than the war we're already in" <--- THIS RIGHT HERE is the sound of the warning siren in my mind.
If they're cracked enough to really believe that it can't get much worse, then this is the very reason why they would push this to the absolute ugliest it can get, with the honest hope of "winning". By the time they see that they were wrong about what ugly *really* looks like, there will be plenty of spilled blood and it will be too late for them to undo it.

2. From those not stuck in the denial stage of "no sane person" above, I am hearing a lot of the very determined, "If something like this ever starts, there's no reason for it to end before it's completely over; we're gonna kill those cops, government bureaucrats, DHS/TSA agents; yeah, they're all top of the list."
- Again, I absolutely agree with the assertion that once it starts, it had better be us that finishes it, but much of the motivation behind the bravado is questionable in my mind, because I've seen a few things in my day:
YES, the bureaucracy will get cleaned out; and a lot of other scurvy turds and pompous A-holes will get taken down, as well. Some cheer at that thought, but this is a two-edged sword.

Killing starts out as a needful thing, but can easily become a habit, and that is dangerous. Your first few kills are the most difficult, the most tenuous. Subsequent kills, you will focus upon confidence and follow through, and then upon technique and speed. By the time you've killed 25 or 30 men at close quarters, you have reduced the challenge to the purely mechanical aspects, and the work is no longer "gruesome", its "invigorating" in the same way as a good workout.

When killing becomes easy, any little vendetta quickly rises to being a Capital offense, unless the man-become-killing-machine has outstanding discipline; so it won't just be the TSA dick and the tax collector who get reduced when TSHTF; angry, weak-minded people will just as happily go after *that guy on Craig's list who sold me that piece of crap 6 months ago* once they become confident killers. Seriously, it happens...just look at the facts.

Men habituated to violence tend to seek and maintain a higher level of violence in their lives even when it's not necessary for survival. Examples? When the skinnies in Mogadishu weren't fighting us, they would seek out and fight each other, as feuding clans did in the Scottish highlands in centuries past. Gangs in the US frequently skirmish for no better reason that to maintain their edge and initiate their new members. As with all 'clan' warfare, it is part vendetta, part sport; part survival and part bragging rights.

Once this 'clan violence' mentality has momentum, it is very difficult to bring to a halt, and this is part of the danger for us. Men who do not have the discipline of soldiers will become confident in killing, and this is a dangerous pivot point for the future of Liberty, because decades or centuries of clan/regional vendetta warfare doesn't provide any more freedom than it does stability - it would, in fact, destroy whatever is left over after our fight against tyranny.

In short, we could win the battle to preserve our rights, and yet still loose our country and our culture.

Therefore, God save us from what we may have to do amongst our own to bring the violence to a halt when the *Legitimate Conflict* is over, lest it devolve into such habituated violence and become a generational curse upon our nation.

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United States
01/25/2013 02:56 AM
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Re: 2nd Ammendment - we could loose for winning
good read , thank you , 5 stars
:glp sign: