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Subject Earthquakes in New York & Texas confirm prior statement of New Madrid diagonal pressure building (with "Booms" connection)!
Poster Handle Bending Light
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Update to these threads:

Thread: "Booms & Shakes" Media reports are geological! New Madrid diagonal pull uptick proven! Cover up exposed! USGS owned!
Thread: Booms & shaking reported by News in Ohio and New York (Jan 13th)
Thread: Booms, houses shaking.. Media reports for Indiana, Utah/Wyoming, Massachusetts & ongoing in South Carolina! (Jan 8th)
Thread: Earth Booms & houses shaking reported by News in Oklahoma, South Carolina & Alaska within a day of each other!
Thread: Earth Booms and ground shaking reported by news in 7 states country wide within 24 hours (Dec 5th)

On this thread I posted 1/16 (video from 1/15) I talked about the New Madrid fault is showings signs of a diagonal pull with pressure building through the St. Lawrence Seaway.
Where as the New Madrid is trying to make an adjustment diagonally!

Thread: "Booms & Shakes" Media reports are geological! New Madrid diagonal pull uptick proven! Cover up exposed! USGS owned!

Here are screen shots of pinned locations of earthquake activity AFTER the thread and media reports of "Booms" a few days prior. Earthquakes are red, Booms reports are blue.


Notice the diagonal line going through the booms which matches up with earthquake activity afterwords?
Earthquakes are pinned according to city location given by USGS, BOOMS are pinned according to location given by reports.

Here are sources to the earthquake activity and booms:

Most recent booms up until thread posted on 1/16:


Evensville, Indiana occurred 1/7 & 1/8.. report was on 1/8:
[link to www.14news.com]
[link to www.courierpress.com]

Trumbull county, Ohio occurred 1/12.. report was on 1/13:
[link to www.wkbn.com]

Jamestown, New York occurred 1/13 along with the report:
[link to www.wivb.com]

Gorham, New York occurred 1/13.. report was on 1/17:
[link to www.mpnnow.com]


New York 1/16:
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

Texas 1/23:
[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

Everything and more is shown and gone through step by step in this video:

Just for the hell of it I can go even further..

Remember the BOOMs in Guthrie, Oklahoma reported on 1/5 [link to kfor.com]

Check out the earthquake swarm that occurred just about 15 miles away recently there (yellow dots are earthquake, Guthrie is the city just North):

The point..

The recent media reports of booms leading up to a prior thread/video exposing the New Madrid diagonal pull matched up with earthquake activity that occurred afterwords.
Plus further evidence of Booms and earthquakes occurring in connection to earthquake hazard zones.

FYI I'm well aware of this that just occurred:
Thread: 4.1 Earthquake in Eastern Texas

However it occurred hours after the video and information was already put out in the video above.

Also I'd like to add this always explains the "Booms and shakes" that were reported in New York near the St. Lawrence seaway in different cities on the same day and same time.. then there was an earthquake in New York a couple days after.

Thread: New York Booms & Shakes Exposed! Reports 100 miles away of each other at the same time! More bullshit cover ups USGS will never admit!

There is much more going on and I'll be working on a massive update in the coming days...


Earthquake in Arkansas 1/26 that matched up with the statements already made in the thread.

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

Arkansasquake 2Arkansasquake

Thread: Booms in Texas right as earthquakes uptick there! One felt across 50 miles! Arkansas Quake hit! New Madrid "diagonal" reconfirmed!
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