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Message Subject I'm an Atheist. Why should I believe in a god? Which god? and why?
Poster Handle moon
Post Content
How do I explain to you that there is a God in brief yet do the topic justice?

God has given many Scriptures to man but you have to decide which one has no mistakes in it and which one has not even one contradiction in it.

The origin of the Hindu Scriptures around 4000 years ago, no one knows who the Scriptures were revealed to. But these were only revealed to Hindus only.

The Torah, Jew Scriptures, revealed to Moses was only meant for the Jews. As it says in the Bible by Jesus 'I have but come for the lost sheep of Israel'.

The Gospel revealed to Jesus is not in its original form as it was revealed. It has 100s of errors in it.

- Acts 2 22: states that Jesus is a man and not God.
- Luke 24 37: states that Jesus did not die on cross
- 1st Epistle of John 5 7 states by the Revised Standard Version that Holy Spirit is nothing but a concoction and fabrication. If the Holy Spirit did exist then what was its message as meant to have said by Jesus? That other to come as said by Jesus was in fact Prophet Muhammed.

Lastly, the Quran is the the Final Testament for the whole of humankind and not just for Arabs! This Final Scripture has no errors or contradictions whatsoever. Infact it states versus of the Big Bang, Water Cycle, Embryology, etc 1400 years ago. Scientists only finding out today what the Quran mention 1400 years ago.

In fact, all Messengers and Prophets came with the same Message - that there is only One God.

All the above Scriptures were revealed by the same God but in different stages to man. But its only the Glorious Quran that says its for the whole of humankind!

Finally only read for what you are researching - as peoples opinions can be wrong and distorted from the truth.

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