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Message Subject I'm an Atheist. Why should I believe in a god? Which god? and why?
Poster Handle ninnie
Post Content
We are all born through the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that is the fruit born from a woman's womb, we are the fruit of our mother's womb, we come into this world as natural liars and thieves in our own conceitedness, we are serpents, psychology being the devil's chief whip used to fight off evil of our own understanding as brainwashed by the BEAST as it mingled God's laws with its own laws, which is "Caesar's laws", The Great Purple Curtain, she is the Mother Harlot of Rome sitting in the holy place as if God, Jezebel, the false vine of Christianity deceiving the whole world so all can bow down to Baal, subtly hidden in the doctrine of democracy a disguised dictatorship in God's Face defying him with no faith and no belief, thus walking straight into hell willingly and blindly as the BEAST takes them depraved of their senses, it is that spirit which crucified Christ the first time and the second time.

We are all called to be reborn by the Tree Of Life Who Is Christ and bear His fruits which are: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, kindness, faith, meekness and temperance, the material used to build Christ's Church, The New Jerusalem, and she will materialise when Jesus comes back with His saints, the evidence proving Jesus' innocence and His saints saved by His Blood, the Blood of the Lamb, God's only begotten Son given to save the world. They survived by drinking from the Living Waters to pass from death to Life.

Beastliness kicks God in His Face when they rape the fruits of His Spirit displayed in others, as the Spirit is uncomfortable in its correctness as it naturally exposes the works of the false vine of Christianity without saying anything. The false vine cannot stand it as they are caught, turning them into rabid dogs, reacting outwardly or inwardly both resulting in outward trouble for human blood satisfaction, they drink off human blood by controlling the fruits of the Spirit in order to survive, using the blessed fruits given from Above freely to their own advantage to keep and maintain its ungodly establishment sacrificing others for their physical and/or spiritual slaves, and this will never be accepted by God Almighty, thus losing their soul.

Relying on the BEAST for support will develop into many ungodly things so the blood can be on your hands and not on the BEAST's hands, keeping the BEAST immovable on the seat of power, its mind is a compressed demon, Satan incarnate.

Everybody must fall in line with the BEAST's expectations so it can control the mind, body, soul and spirit and free speech is prohibited to give it open doors to rule with with its legions of demons, the BEAST is allowed to commit any crime it wants but no one else may commit crimes it deems to be a crime. Sane people do not bow down to this Baal and are 'executed'.

Paranoia, as you no longer rely fully on The Holy Spirit and try to control the Holy Spirit for allaying feelings of insecurities, this is the beginning of losing your mind.

Regular human 'killings', to ensure your paranoia has not deepened keeping your fantasy in tact, the lie which is not your truth but made to be the truth. Rage and laughter the two extremes find grounds for this fungus to grow killing the beauty of the fruits of the Spirit.

Spying to preserve your truthful lie bluffing yourself you are innocent, this is the same as incest of the mind, body, soul and spirit and suffer no guilt for such a heinous rape passing a red line that will take you to hell to be burnt with Satan.

Twisting all incidents to blacken the victim building a case framing the victim to be delivered as a sacrifice thus saving yourself and your establishment from losing power, the lie and slavery.

If the framed victim is not removed a physical human crime scene can be expected with the loss of life or God undertakes where perpetrators will learn a lesson from God and repent, if no repentance, God deals with it according to His will resulting in a perfect judgement which ever way it turns. The BEAST cannot override the works of God if the victim is His lost child.

The works of the BEAST is that of a rapist and a murderer and can do it with out spilling physical blood which is the same as spilling their blood as the victim is sacrificed wrecking that person's life the BEAST framed a case to make the lie look like the truth.

This is what happens when you replace God's laws for your own laws or mix your own laws with God's laws, The Destroyer of LIFE.

It is cursed and will be cast into a lake of fire!

It is Satan arm wrestling against the power of God as it cannot function freely in the presence of God, it is in chains.

One is taken by Divine Love and goes to heaven while the other is taken by deceit and goes to hell.

The one taken by deceit was impatient to know and understand the value of the fruits of Christ's Spirit and took the power of brute force into their own hands, acting "in place of God", leading them into the path of destruction and forcing everyone with them by making it difficult for them to have a life as they are not allowed to use the BEAST's facilities unless they become the BEAST's slaves you are forced or thrown out to rot in the streets as a vagabond, even if you succumb to being forced it will still destroy you in the end when it has finished using you as it knows its fate is death and will do anything below the belt. This is the same heartless spirit as Cain who killed his brother. Sane Godly people will never concede in playing dirty games with this BEAST but will call on the help of their Father in heaven when all things have been done to the best of their ability and nothing more can be done, and God intercedes for them to open a way to free them, God's judgement is perfect, sometimes things are left for the BEAST to kill the children as Hitler did the Jews, as the Jews said "let Christ's Blood be upon our children", they spoke damnation unto themselves and it came to pass during Christ's second return to the earth, the human race, the Gentiles time, did the same, they said it is "a pie in the sky" same thing, they spoke damnation unto themselves and God's judgments will then speak for itself. Many Christians who strayed and came back have some horrific stories to tell and God still saved them in their stupidity resulting in never to stray again. The world as we know it is Satan's kingdom, it ends. The fruits of the Spirit displayed as a show is obviously noted as false, their true colours show up. All sins are forgivable only the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is not which God takes care of Himself, so strictly speaking there should be no court houses and prisons on earth as God' prophets have a handle on the society, the laws we have are the BEAST's laws. Everyone has gone mad in comparison to the sanity that is supposed to be. A wipe-out is therefore expected like it was in Noah's day, this time by fire. The BEAST does not like its authority to be questioned and demands sole power for "peace". God's prophets through history are normally killed by the BEAST when it is exposed keeping the masses in bondage.
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