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Message Subject I'm an Atheist. Why should I believe in a god? Which god? and why?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Here's 2 views:

1) If you research Howard Pittman, he had an NDE. He was shown the demonic realm, in depth. He states, he believes the reincarnation memories, are there due to demons deceiving the person.

2) This isn't in the Bible, however, there's a couple of Christians, who believe that there's rare cases, if the person has an important destiny that wasn't fulfilled, that they may return, to another body, after death, in order to fulfill their important destiny.

Regarding view one, a GLP member stated, they too would have these past life dreams, many times. During a past life dream, the person realized, demons were influencing and deceiving him to believe this. During this realization, the dream changed, and he saw a demon. After this experience, he stated, the past life dreams ended.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32923844

It's entirely possible and plausible interpretation, and I agree, but that's a complex topic that I'm discussing here:
Thread: SIRIUS - Full Trailer out! Looks like its gonna be rather astonishing! for those whom aren't prepared! (Page 2)
That's a discussion in which I pose the interdimensional hypothosis by Jacques Vallee, a French Scientist and intellectual, who proposes that cognizant beings may exist in some form on the Earth along side of humanity and even has labeled them "Messengers of Deception".

He's the French scientist depicted in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He's not sure they're benevolent.

Likewise, reincarnation may be a deception. Who can know?
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

You made an important comment, and I noticed this, in your previous comment.

You stated:

Who can know


I don't know to make of it.

This mentality, will allow you to learn a tremendous amount.


If I presented, one piece of evidence, many may either accept or reject the information.

But for one to really learn, he must have this mentality, of seeing a piece of evidence, and not accepting, or rejecting, but simply stating like you, I still don't know. By doing this, this allows you to examine much pieces of evidence, before making a more firm conclusion.

Here's a tip, that many will not see value of. I'll share this, since you may see the value of this.

As a general rule of thumb, put your belief system on a scale.

For example, instead of saying, I'm 100% certain, this is true, or false, say, I'm 50% certain, 75% certain, etc.

Or even 99.999999% certain. By doing this, you're still now open to new information, and importantly for your ego, to be wrong. Many people don't like to be wrong, especially since they're 100% certain, something is true / false.

Also a good approach, I discovered is like a judge weighing evidences. Why?

Again, after only seeing one piece of evidence, most will either fully reject or accept the evidence.

But, it's more wise, to first examine all the evidences, before making a conclusion. And going back, once you make your conclusion, as a general rule, don't say, I'm 100% certain. State your 99.99% certain. This allows you to be more readily wrong, and still open to new info.

Now let's examine more pieces of evidences, there's a thread here, that shares a finding, that 'aliens' leave you, if you tell them to, in the name of Jesus.

This key piece of info, tells you an important attribute about these 'aliens'. Surely if these were intergalactic beings, the name of 'Jesus' wouldn't have any effects on them. If these were demons, as described in non-Christian religions, such as Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, etc, surely they too, wouldn't flee in the name of Jesus, but rather in the name of Muhammad, Buddha, Krisha, etc.

Therefore, we now have evidence, and more weight, that these entities, are demons, as described in the Bible who fear Jesus.

Again, this is only one piece of evidence, there's more evidences that give even greater weight to the nature of these entities.
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