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Message Subject I'm an Atheist. Why should I believe in a god? Which god? and why?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Here's a good thread, that contain several accounts, of people, encountering and seeing Jesus, when fully awake.

These are not near death experiences, or OBEs. So these aren't merely products of the person's beliefs and expectations.

Also, many of these people, were non-Christians, such as atheists, hindus, Muslims, etc, prior to the encounter. This gives even greater weight, that these experiences aren't based on the person's beliefs and expectations.

After these encounters with Jesus, if they were non-Christains, they converted to Christianity.

Thread: Jesus appears in room of a former Hindu

In addition, there's been some encounters with Jesus, that caused the people to miraculously physically heal, if they were suffering from an illness. This gives weight, that this was genuine encounter, and not a mere hallucination.

So, where's all the real and current encounters, with other prophets, from other religions? How come this is only happening with Jesus?

Also, I had mentioned the veridical NDEs. This was important since it rules out, if the NDE was based on the person's current beliefs, expectations, and knowledge. Now there's 4 current NDEs / OBEs, that contain veridical info, about the deceased. Giving evidence, that the experiences was not a hallucination. In all 4 cases, they all encountered not Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Ra, etc. But all four encountered Jesus. In addition, 2 saw, the 4 living creatures, around God's throne as described in no other book, except the Bible.

Again, one may not state, this was part of their beliefs and expectations. This is impossible, since they discovered veridical info about the deceased, information that wasn't previously known during their heaven visit, but which was later researched and verified to be actually true.
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