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Message Subject I'm an Atheist. Why should I believe in a god? Which god? and why?
Poster Handle Water Flower
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This is a tough question because no one should be forced to believe in the Creator. But in many holy books, they say God, The CREATOR is Unconditional Love. Only through our hearts can we feel any sort of real love. As a practice, by closing one's eyes, touching the center of the chest with a finger or two, just to keep an awareness to the chest center, and remember a time of great joy and happiness, we feel better and start to smile a bit. Our heart feels better too. If we then go to a time that we were angry, does our chest not tighten up? It doesn't feel good - at least not like remembering a good time in our lives. It is those good times that make us feel good inside that we are now connecting with the Source of Unconditional Love - what some people call God or whatever other various names. If you choose not to name it, fine. Just feel the love and enjoy it reaching and touching your heart. Let it go through your whole heart and whole being - that feeling of calmness and peace. Share it -don't hoard it because then you'll feel like it's too much and you're about to explode. Enjoy. Might as well feel happiness and joy despite your own doubts.
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