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Message Subject I'm an Atheist. Why should I believe in a god? Which god? and why?
Poster Handle MHz
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Read the book, if that doesn't do the trick wait for proof like the rest. There is no punishment coming from God for being a critical thinker, there is for believing lies you should have been able to spot though.
 Quoting: MHz

I've read 70% of the book, along side looking at the context and background. What should I be able to spot?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32076855

Inconsistencies in what the book actually says and what people promote the book as saying. If I promote a certain verse you should read the passage to make sure I am in context. For myself I seem to divide every thing from Ge:4 to Re:19 as being applicable to one or the other bruise in Ge:3:15.

There are various doctrines that need to be verified and that means jumping around the book to get all the relevant passages into one place. Meshing the iron/clay from Daniel to Revelation can be done and it doesn't match what is promoted in most circles as the 70 weeks are a past event and that puts Rome as being in the brass which really goes against the normal preaching yet the prophecies fit together much better, (from De:4 to Re:22) If something doesn't seem to fit it is most likely because a relative verse is missing. That would be adding the verse below as an aid in identifying who the rider in the 1st seal is.

And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword;
in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me,
and made me a polished shaft;
in his quiver hath he hid me;

You probably have some examples that would be more relevant to you. I take 400BC as the exit from the garden and then add one zero for each creation day and I end up at 4B years ago as being the end of day 1 when earth experienced it's first day/night cycle, that also makes each later 'day' as being 10x shorter in duration which would be the start of the conversation rather than the closing summation.

Some base things like the slaughter of the innocents and Jer:31 establish that the 'land of the enemy' is death rather than any Gentile Nation. Gentiles are the 'little ones' in Zec:13 and that id determined by the Apostles running away when Jesus was arrested in the garden.

All the references to 'day of the lord' before Daniel and all the prophecies after Daniel all refer to the day the 7th trump sounds. Lots of reading but that gives you the most detailed and accurate picture of what the bruise to the serpents head is about and how it unfolds, as in just a few hours.

If something doesn't seem to make sense read a different book or chapter, the NT gives you the best timeline for the sequence of events and the OT prophecies give you the best detail so it is a blend of the two.
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