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Message Subject I'm an Atheist. Why should I believe in a god? Which god? and why?
Poster Handle Gooney
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Let me just state something again. I don't have a problem with christians, just individuals based on their actions like I would anyone else. I meant no offence in my reply, even when I still believe I found the idea of a torture device as a symbol funny.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32076855

There is nothing humorous about torture.
[link to markmoore.org]
"Vital Stats and Facts about Persecution of Christians
1.163,000 Christians die every year for their faith. Half of all the Christians who have ever died for their faith did so in this century alone, some 35 million! 15,000,000 of
these were Orthodox or Catholic Christians who died under the Soviet regime between 1917 and 1980, primarily in prison camps.
2.Persecution tends to rise with evangelistic effectiveness.
3.The top ten persecuting countries are
: Burma/Myanmar, China, Egypt, Iran, Laos,
North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,
Sudan(2 million since 1985), Vietnam.
4.After fierce lobbying, American legislators agreed to levy punishments ranging from diplomatic protests to economic sanctions against cou ntries that persistently persecute Christians and other religious minorities.
5.Those killed for their faith (by millions): Christians, 70; Muslims, 70; Hindus; 11,Jews, 9; Buddhists, 4; Sikhs, 2; Baha’is, 1 and all others com bined, 5; T otal = 169 (the
numbers don’t add up because of rounding up to millions).
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

That is a harsh reality that anyone should have sympathy with. Certainly nothing that I'd find funny. I knew the stats were high, but higher than I remembered.
I used to find it funny that we used the cross as a symbol for the Messiah, when actually it was the plan of the enemy.
And not funny in a ha ha way. Weird. I never wore a cross, but good on thoughs that do.

Off topic, did Jesus/ Yeshua/ Yehoshua/ Yehushuwa break the sabbath?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32076855

Of course wearing a cross, especially a crucifix was considered abhorrant by Protestants, for they felt that it emphasized death and not ressurection. Personally I like both, for they remind me of Yeshua sacrfice for my sins. I don't focus on the crucifiction, for Yeshua is not eternally on the cross, but was victorious over the cross.

A lot of people use guilt to induce belief and of course that won't work. It's a bad form of witness and persuasion.

The real heart of Yeshua's message is about feeding the hungry, healing the sick, caring for the poor, ministering to those in prison, however those thing manifest. It's not about conversion. If Christians spent 90% of their time on those things and only 10% on the other, then what a beautiful world it would be.

Yeshua said that the Sabbath was made for Man. Now this is confusing, but the new day begins at sundown, not sunrise.
Remember in Genesis, "There was evening, there was morning, a new day."

People would rush to get all of their work done so they could rest to begin the new Sabbath. This meant there were all kinds of rules and more rules about what you could do on the Sabbath.

Then the Pharisees, being the educated priests, they'd spent all that time meditating upon Law. But the issue was there was already 631 laws. They were making it more difficult for Man. They heaped up burdens like, if a cow got lost, then the owner couldn't go rescue it, and then the loss of a cow or goat would surely severely hurt the finances of that family as well as be terribly cruel. Or even healing wasn't allowed. Or last minute gathering of grain.

Most Christians worship on Sunday morning, but a devout Jew will celebrate Friday evening. Which is the Sabbath? Does it matter? I don't know. I know we need to keep it holy. What if a doctor works on Sunday morning? Is she breaking the Sabbath? Hardly. Is the preacher working on Sunday breaking the Sabbath?
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

Ok, I respect your view on the cross and already understand that view. But why take that or the fish, they already had the menorah, even that is questionable as to whether they would of used that.

Your exactly right, it was the early version of Tulmud before it was compiled. That is what Yeshua was getting rid of, not the 316 Torah. He even says thoughs that don't follow or teach the least of them would be the least in heaven. Yeshua was Torah observant, so was his followers. Paul taught against that, although there is a translation that tries to redeem him and is convincing to a degree, but not enough for me. The AENT translation.
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