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Message Subject College student gets restraining order against parents for tracking calls.
Poster Handle Philligan
Post Content
thanks for the pin guys.

Always the question of: If you smother your daughter trying to prevent her from doing drugs and skanking around, that is exactly what they'll do. And they'll do it out of spite??
 Quoting: Philligan

Drugs and skanking?
How about rape and murder.
How about the NDAA, kicking in
on her after dancing the night
away with the wrong guy the
DHS is targeting as a terrorist.
How about campus lockdown
for multiple shootings.
How about a brutal assault by
police who do this to victims
of crime, victims of accidents,
including females, all the time.

Parents who care are worth
their weight in gold.
Too few do.

No one else gives a damn
if girls live or die;
certainly not the people at
colleges including staff. They
are rapacious, many Satanists
always on the lookout for a
victim they can drag out to
the Bohemian Grove and sacrifice.

We don't live in Mayberry anymore.
 Quoting: Janus198

It was a question to start a discussion.
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