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Message Subject College student gets restraining order against parents for tracking calls.
Poster Handle TastyThoughts
Post Content
Good to know that software can track. Not that I agree, rather I am seemingly being tracked by an extremist religious hate-group sect all commingled as one.

A few years back a gal sent me a message. When I opened it there was a download indicator then a laughing voice saying, "ha, ha, ha dumb-ass you got a virus, Ha, ha, ha dumb-ass you got a virus."
I thought what a dumb-ass joke! What the hell is she trying to tell me, dose she have something? We did not know each-other well enough for her to be sending something like this. It was a turn off.

The thing is I had a feeling. A sensation prior to opening it. I felt it was more than a joke when it was playing. Then I had a feeling she did not really know that it MAYBE more than just a joke.

I called my Dad at his work and let him know. He laughed and said, "maybe she's trying to tell you she has some VD." I let him know I thought of that too, but felt it was something else disguised as a joke. He went back to, "I know, that's what I am saying! Maybe she is trying to let you know she as a VD. God I hope you did not sleep with her!" I let him know that did not, bur it is still creepy. Then I let him know I thought there was something else to it. That I hoped she was not trying to track me.
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