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Message Subject College student gets restraining order against parents for tracking calls.
Poster Handle Brad Daylight
Post Content
I have a cousin who his parents didnt even let him watch MTV, even though it IS 100% filth and bullshit, a kid has to be a kid, I think he or she has to learn their own lessons in life.

Needless to say he ended up having a lot of issues and had to leave college.

My dad raised me but wasn't invading my privacy. I had fear for the fact if I messed up he would kick my ass. That in of itself taught me consequences and respect.

I had to learn a lot of hard lessons in life and still am. But my dad did a good job in that respect
 Quoting: Philligan

To me, a father that is loving yet stern is the best way to raise a child.

The fear of disobeying keeps the child from doing wrong yet LEARNING by himself, and then there is still a father that cares about the child a lot.

As opposed to that "annoying personthat keeps spying on my personal business."

If a child is raised in love, care, and shown true values and virtues in life BY THE PARENTS, NOT PUBLIC SCHOOL, then the child will not turn out bad.

Just like a conspiracy theorist, once we know the truth it is much easier to understand everything.
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