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Message Subject College student gets restraining order against parents for tracking calls.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
even like 19 and over from my friends they are still being treated like 5 from their parents. Fucking stupid.
 Quoting: Blackhawkie

Parenting in the last 25 - maybe even as high as the last 40 - years really took a nosedive and we've been churning out evil, greedy, entitled, ill mannered little shitheads ever since.

By the time these lousy parents figure out what they've done to the rest of us they try like the dickens to make up for lost time... The shame of it is that is is too late and way far gone...
 Quoting: fore-eyz

If it helps you sleep at night at all, there is a rather interesting quote that goes something like this.

"I think, if we do nothing to save the next generation from their poor manners and lazy ways, humanity shall not see another generation to follow."


That's right, almost every generation looks at the one to follow, sees the changes they've made, compares them to what they imagine to be what's proven to work (their own generation) and fears the world will end, or at least that their kids will have a hard time.

It never really happens.

What I'm saying here is that society isn't ruined. The kids are only half as bad as you think and pendulums almost always manage to swing back and forth.

Don't worry too much. The world might fall apart eventually, but if it does, odds are we'll see things correct after it happens. That's simply the way humans work.

Everyone thought that hippies would be the end to the world too, causing us all to live off the land as peace loving nomads by now. Notice, that didn't happen? The yuppies were going to turn us all into greedy corporate drones willing to put our own mothers on the street for a new swimming pool... also didn't happen.

Generation X was made of nothing but slackers, who smoke so much pot that they couldn't hold a job at all...

But now they're the backbone of the working world. Because reality caused them to settle down.

Generation Y was made up of self centered selfish brats that thought the world revolved around them...

And yet they've managed to do all the same things everyone else always has.

My point? It's natural to see things change and think that it means something bad, but people have to do certain things to stay alive and they will, because the drive to survive will always trump the newest style or trend, eventually.
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