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Potential Martial Law on Super Bowl Sunday.


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United States
01/26/2013 05:43 AM
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Re: Potential Martial Law on Super Bowl Sunday.
I live in the bay area of CA and obviously we have a lot of Niner fans, Raider fans, Giants fans, A's fans, Warrrior fans and Sharks fans. It is well known that our fans get a bit out of control during their teams games. Super bowl.Sunday will be no exception.

I was watching CBS news and they were telling us to expect increased police presence on Sunday in hopes to deter riots and the tearing down of our city.

Seems like a great place to start martial law if you asked me. CA has there extremely large cities. La, SF/OAK, San Jose and Sacramento. San Jose has the 3rd most populated city in California only behind SF and LA. Keep your eyes and ears on the bay area.

On a side note, North Korea is attempting to aim a missile at the US. Well the bay area is the closest and most populated area that they would most likely aim at.
Maybe we will get a false flag that takes out the super bowl? There was a movie made where a nuclear bomb was smuggled into a crowded professional football game if I am recalling correctly.

Just my thoughts on the coming days ahead. Care to discuss?
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