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Message Subject 989 mb Explosively Developing Low over Chicago early Wed!!! TWO DEATHS CONFIRMED!!!! Compared with cleveland superbomb
Poster Handle Anderson_G
Post Content
Sorry OP don't mean to take the thread of topic but do you have any info on storm events around Europe because last night was windy as hell I weigh 10 stone and the wind was pushing me back slightly but enough to make a difference especially when the dog need taken out lol my mums garden looked like a bomb hit it this morning and apparently there is more to come.....

Her fence has been pulled from the fixings and it was glued and screwed in so any news buddy

 Quoting: Anderson_G

yes, but i give up to update my thread about uk storm... everyone bashing, acusing me of fearmongering, giving me red karma, etc!
 Quoting: Luisport

There will always be someone that thinks they know best from what I have seen from your threads you will state the condition of events for what they are then if it dies down you will say so your self,

you have been spot on with everything I have seen you post, and you simply wish to inform and its something you enjoy

I get posts like fear monger because 9 out 10 times my threads are about war its just something I enjoy and weather events is something you enjoy jealousy and lack of understanding and knowledge will always be in a person who puts you down

Keep up the good work buddy you a legend in this stuff as far as I'm concerned.
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