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Message Subject 989 mb Explosively Developing Low over Chicago early Wed!!! TWO DEATHS CONFIRMED!!!! Compared with cleveland superbomb
Poster Handle Luisport
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Severe Weather Safety Tips
Tornado Safety

Take cover in a sturdy building.

The best place in a house/building is on the lowest floor and in an interior room. Basements, storm shelters, hallways, closets and bathrooms are great locations to go! Any room that is AWAY from windows!

Protect your head from flying debris. Blankets, pillows, sports/bike helmets, mattresses, cooking pots are all good things to use to protect your head, other than your hands.

Mobile homes are not safe shelters. Find a neighbor or friend to stay with in a sturdier structure. For a last resort, take shelter in a ditch.

Never outrun a tornado in a vehicle. Get out of the car and into a sturdy building. If none is around, lay flat in a ditch.

Highway overpasses are not safe shelters. Winds speed up as they funnel underneath the overpass creating a danger to those underneath, as well as debris flying around.

Make sure to have a NOAA Weather Radio with fresh batteries handy. Many times, severe weather can come through during the night or times when we least expect it. NOAA Weather Radio will alert you when a warning has been issued for your county.
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