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Message Subject 989 mb Explosively Developing Low over Chicago early Wed!!! TWO DEATHS CONFIRMED!!!! Compared with cleveland superbomb
Poster Handle DoomGod
Post Content
wow, I remember the 2978 one, we, were in a Van Camper with a Boat and Trailer! - left on a Friday I think, from Rockford IL, drove into Chicago to catch hey 55 or 57 south. we could not, was closed, awoke sat to a foot of snow - I remember being trapped in Dwite IL for a few hours until my father "escaped" on a back road - we were blasting through 43 foot drifts acorss the road, on hwy 55 the drifts were easy 30 to 40 feet high - insane and will never forget it.

and now you say it was a super something - haha YES - when we came home, we could not even drive down our street left alone get into the driveway - 1 day of snow removal and we finally got into our house to find furnace pilot had died and house was freezing (electric was spotty too)

all that after 2 weeks in the Fla Keys - haha wow.
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