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Message Subject 989 mb Explosively Developing Low over Chicago early Wed!!! TWO DEATHS CONFIRMED!!!! Compared with cleveland superbomb
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content
In Illinois...been 60+ degrees the last 2 days...windows open, no coat needed..muggy, foggy,
I can always tell these storms are coming because I have pressure pushing down on my skull/severe headaches/dizzy/nauseous feelings for a couple days before they hit and until they are all played out..

sometimes, it just takes the rain to release the pressure, but not always..this one is going to be a good one..even has my bones aching...(the ones that I broke, in the past)

I remember the storm of 78...before my parents had a wood stove..lived in country(they are still at same place) and dad had to put chains on truck to get us to town to stay with friends...it was not just snow, but ICE
power went out...extremely cold...ice, snow..power lines down..Looking back, it reminds me of Narnia..beautiful..

I was 8 years old and will never forget that..
Icicles everywhere, tree limbs breaking from the weight of the ice..

The next year, dad had a wood stove put in(they still have same one, it was actually featured in Good Housekeeping..not sure how they came across our stove, but, anyway)

I remember Dad even had to put chains on the tractor(he did not have one with a cab at that time..poor man..) and put out extra hay for cattle as we were not sure how long it would last..he did not lose any, bless his heart. ;)...<<point to this,DON'T forget your animals..

Be safe, all..Better to be prepared and not need, than to need and not be prepared..:)


ETA>>>those who have gas furnaces, remember, in severe cold weather, the line will freeze and you will not have any heat...happened to me, once..I was naive and shocked to learn that a gas line could freeze...lol live and learn..
so make sure you have a plan if this happens to you.

 Quoting: Abi ~

Love that story!!


For anyone who wants it... some good tips on preparing can be found here

Thread: Dr. Acula and Friends: Emergency Winter Prep Tips!!! (411)
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