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Message Subject 989 mb Explosively Developing Low over Chicago early Wed!!! TWO DEATHS CONFIRMED!!!! Compared with cleveland superbomb
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content
Hahahaha! Poor Dr. Acula...I feel ya on cowering jn the bad ones....ever since that tornado hit Arcanum, Oh I take NO CHANCES AT ALL! Me and niece had just gotten back from a Bengals- Lions football game in Cinci and on the way home the akywwas a wicked green/black- yellow color. We got hime cracked open a cpl of beers and began cleaning the house.
Less than 5 min into it we heard this massive very loud whistle that was vibrating and shaking rhe house...the long windows in rhe living room began sucking in and out and I looked at my niece Heidi and screamed " RUN TORNADO!!!!" We both ran for the hall closet and she's dragging her 75 lb humongous belgium shepherd " killian" into the closet with us....not 2 secinds after reaching the closet all 8 of my living room blew out everywhere with massive force!!
The tornado touched down right across rhe street from me completely leveling the massive barn. It somehow skipped my house and hit the house behindme sucking all exterior walls from the house. I had alot if damage to my home but nothing like the others had.
Once you hear the freight train sound ita too late to take cover....so olz do not stay out to watch it coming!!!
 Quoting: Little Miss Sunshine

shew damn! I would prolly have a heart attack lol

Last march that one was headed right for us... I was watching it on the dopplar and it was coming right for us... about .35th of a mile from us and barreling on...

He had no where to go... we live in a trailer... so I step outside... light up a cigarette... hands shaking... and just watch it... at the last minute it turned and we were spared...

I wish i wish i wish i had grabbed my camera... it was the craziest storm i ever seen... it was lighting so much it literally looked like a cloud of fire rolling through the skies...

reminded me of the movie independence day... when the aliens first arrived on earth... you know what i mean?

The one earlier in the day could be seen... but it didnt get as close...

it was scary... i've seen some bad storms in my day in my travels... but never had i seen that...

needless to say we got a shelter and in 4 seconds i can be from computer to the door of my shelter
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