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Message Subject Video! The Shooting has begun!! Helicopter Machine gun fire in Miami!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For all those saying, "It's just training..." think for a moment... OK no problem, it's training. Yet why precisely are they doing this over a live zone with civilians nearby/passing below? Why are they doing this in an american city and not in or on a mock up zone? Like the Afghanistan mock up in northern UK they used to use for training against the IRA?

Wake up... Blanks or not, it's still being done in a large metro area just like they've done in Chicago and Minneapolis and elsewhere... You think they're training on American streets and over American cities just because it's fun? Or to get a good idea of what it'd be like doing it in China or Russia or something? What possible purpose could this serve aside from training to act against our own cities and peoples all the while letting people know it's just a drill and to get used to it and don't be alarmed and to go back to their business so that when it get's real it's ALL just a drill?

But hey... maybe I boarded the crazy train and missed a few too many stops or something and can't just see something like this as a "simple training exercise" anymore.

Everything has a purpose...
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