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Message Subject Special Program I had as a Kid That Doesn't Get Spoken About in Town Now
Poster Handle IntergalacticPlanetary
Post Content
As soon as I got a an official program through the University , classmates got obbsessed with my program and decided to steal it for an offering as well as everything else I ever worked for. All of my classmates were abused by a girl who was obsessed with never seeing America rise until they signed themselves over to her and she wanted them to steal from me and abuse me.

Within a year, the help network was shut down and my mom could not get anyone to protect me or help to stop the abuse. She tried for years until she went to DC and got some info and came back and within 3 weeks she was in a hospital being labeled bipolar. Her psychiatrist was told to call me that to; to her.

In town, the knowing system is totally messed up as if it is against me just as they had abused me. I am trying to fix it and am not very good at it bc I am scared I am going to lose my divorce and job now that I have figured out what is going on. Gossip is always going around about me.

I know a lot more if you have any questions!! Does anyone have any suggestions??
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