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Message Subject Special Program I had as a Kid That Doesn't Get Spoken About in Town Now
Poster Handle IntergalacticPlanetary
Post Content
34 years old so yes. I can't really see the future but have had glimpses of maybe a 5 second vision or 'know' throughout my life starting at age 2 yrs old.

I was a very pure, spiritual, Catholic. When I was moved to another state, there were people who wanted to infuse my abiliites with 'evil'. My visions included both. I was pretty upset because I was really interested in pure spiritualism.

It is obvious to me that my life has been altered or 'vampired' or stolen extensiviely and I don't know exactly how to word it or what to do.

I was supposed to be protected over and over again and I always said no to stealing my life.
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