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Message Subject Special Program I had as a Kid That Doesn't Get Spoken About in Town Now
Poster Handle IntergalacticPlanetary
Post Content
The reasons things are kept quiet are for people with very negative intentions to steal from others who did positive work. As they kind of took over int he 90s they started trying to make up rules to protect themselves as 'evil intented' who appeared good who took over the 'good intented' who they made look ugly or bad in the early 90s.

Their hope is that none of the unwritten laws will ever be followed again, at least until they overtake, all of the people with good intentions.

I believe everyone should talk about this stuff again bedfore only a certain group of people get to know things that can affect or hurt other people lives and the unwritten rules never get obliged by ever again. It would be an unruly society most people would loathe unless they grew up being acclimated to it never knowing what they could have had.

The unwritten laws should be followed for your family's safely in this world and you should be concerned.
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