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Message Subject Special Program I had as a Kid That Doesn't Get Spoken About in Town Now
Poster Handle IntergalacticPlanetary
Post Content
Your story reminds me of the movie "Salt" with Angelina Jolie. Do you have dreams with other "special" kids either from your early training or that appear to be still involved on a spiritual level? Any symbols or persistent archetypes that show up in dreams? You don't have to answer just some things to consider. I know it's tough to discern who's trying to help and who's trying to steal your gift, but I've found that I am warned in my dreams prior to an attack. Learning how to trust your instincts and learn you "impression code" was key for me in protecting myself and advancing. Thanks for sharing your story!
 Quoting: joshua 6136446

Thanks! I had an entire program set up at a public school to steal my head, my knowing, my body, my metabolism and attractiveness, my intelligence, and my ability to tell the future - to iterate it out for their own benefit instead of the whole country. Then they attacked and abused me. I don't know what to do because there is still gossip all over the city and is hindering me professionally.

This program included coupled me and my mom and esoterically crashing the American Economy. No joke.

I've had several types of dreams with lots of different symbols as well as visions. I believe my recent dreams have been with the assistance of others.

Thanks for your interest.
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