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What is the jurisdiction for remediation of elderly abuse?

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United States
01/26/2013 06:03 PM
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What is the jurisdiction for remediation of elderly abuse?
I have an uncle in his 80's.
He has advanced Parkinson's and has been
under the care of the Veterans Administration
as an outpatient.

His wife of a few years, 10 years younger,
withheld medication to get him on a plane
and they have flown to Ecuador.

He stated on the phone en route that he did
not know where he was, when asked by his sister.

No one in the family knew they were leaving,
till they were already gone.

Treatment will not be available for my uncle
in Ecuador. When they left, they didn't even
have a place to stay according to a conversation
with the wife, by another relative.

I've contacted the Sheriff in the county where
they live, but have not heard back from them,
about possible legal steps to be taken to get
him back to the US.

She is probably having trouble with the IRS
also, as she hid $90k from them a couple of
years ago.

She has gradually absorbed all the inheritance
he was leaving to his kids, into her control
by withholding medication for his Parkinson's,
then forcing him to sign things over to her.

If anyone knows anything about international
kidnapping and attempted murder, (which this is
no doubt) please post.

I have some errands so will check back later for
any replies. Thank you in advance, anyone who
feels they have information about how to locate
them, and prosecute her.