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Message Subject Obama starts laying off Defense workers to pay for more Food Stamps!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Guns or Butter;

Can't eat lead; it'll give you lead poisoning

So, yah

A lot of those people are eating on those Government Plastic (Credit Cards), or are the Debit cards,

either way, it used to be when Food Stamp Tuesday rolled around at the local McDonalds--white people simply avoided the place.

Now, with these new plastic cards the KFC's are packed 24/7, and ole McD's has had to resort to open pandering of these useless eaters with it's Segregated Website called

and parking spaces especially widened to fit their big new Caddilac Escalades that welfare buys them.

Still, that draw of KFC is sooooooooo strong for them, that the local police survelance units simply sit in the parking lot accross the street from the KFC to pickup wanted felons tooling through the drive-thru.

So, guns or butter.

People can't eat lead (even if some of that McD's stuff does sit kinda heavy in your stomach, it's still not lead)

So yah
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12366656

FAIL, You can't use those cards at fast food places.
 Quoting: CeeLite

Yes, you can:

[link to wiki.answers.com]
 Quoting: Nemamiah

Sorry, I didn't think you could because of something I read two weeks about New York and some places that serve hot food. My bad, thanks!

Edit: that link says 4 states do it, then where you can do it, and it says why, because Elderly and Disabled have trouble preparing foods. I have posted about how disabled and how they have trouble so this is good, at least for the disabled in those 4 states. I've actually posted at length about starvation in disabled but that's another thread.

Church's Chicken
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Grandma's Famous Chicken
Eight Mile Pancake House
Mr. T's BBQ
Vito's Pizza

Jack in the Box
El Pollo Loco
Papa Murphy's Pizza

Taco Bell
Pizza Hut
Papa Murphy's Pizza

Domino's Pizza
Golden Corral
Southern Cuisine
Rally's Hamburger
 Quoting: CeeLite

Wow, your a Liberal

Congratualtions on that.


All 50 states do it, and it's not to feed old people.

it's to feed the blacks who are to lazy to cook their own food.

But then again, "You" were just quoting, and trying to increase "Your" understanding of it--Right.

This is (one of the) most Useless Tactics I've ever seen a Liberal take.

I'm ashamed of you,

and comming from New York too.

This is usualy more of a Northern California Liberal tacktic--to play stupid vs just name calling.

You must just have moved huh?


Liberals --jeeeesh
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