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Message Subject Obama starts laying off Defense workers to pay for more Food Stamps!
Poster Handle STARLING
Post Content
Lusciouslee.....Understand that the truth of something dosen't give a damn what you believe about it.
Can They do this......? Yes ! Does this avenue of action sound like something they would do considering their past track record ..... ? Yes ! Are any results of their past actions and or inactions indictive of showing suppport and enforcement of the American Constitution.... NO ! ... Bill of Rights .. NO ! .. The Declariation Of Independence NO ! ApplePie...HELL NO !
Obama and his ilk "ARE BEING USED" to put the iceing on the cake.....Bush Sr started with in ingredents (8years) Bill Clintion placed the cake in the oven (8years). Bush Jr took the cake out of the over (8years) and Obama is the one putting the iceing on the cake so that we can be presented up "to the very workings of pure evil in its rawest form. That's why SHE said at that time for the first time she was proud to be an american. Its something they have been going after for a long time. Its what they want !!!! ITS WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO DO AND THEY DO IT WITH A WILLFUL IGNORANCE IN AN ARRRRRROGRANT MANNER.
Willful ignorance and arrrrrrogrance....Speaking of Bill Clinton............"I smoked pot......(with a smirt on his face saying)....remember the next line....."but I didnt inhale" ....... Back in the day ( and maybe now still ) many of us smoked....the group I knew, we were pretty laid back geeks takin' tokes - slammin code - eating pizza - collecting checks.If any of us knew of one that was "smoking" and not inhaling .. well what would yall have done after having his ass kicked.....Huuummmmmm
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