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Message Subject Obama starts laying off Defense workers to pay for more Food Stamps!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Executive order 11110
Then allocate just 1% per annum of the banks' profits to social welfare and reform programmes.

Problem solved!

Why is there a problem again?....oh yeah, greedy power hungry private investors in the Fed.

THEY are the ones milking society.

THEY are the ones who NOTHING whist the rest of us break our damned backs labouring and supporting them.

THEY are like the greedy selfish child who never left home and learned to fend for themselves, so they cut themselves EVER larger pieces of the family pie and blame the new baby for taking too much.

Time to get your logic, perspective and common sense in order people, and stop believing he who speak with the forked tongue, just because YOU chose to kneel before him.

Time to bite the hand that feeds for those preparing breakfast...ya dig?

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