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Message Subject Obama starts laying off Defense workers to pay for more Food Stamps!
Poster Handle Abyss
Post Content
What the hell does this have to do with Food Stamps. I don't understand the link.

Everything and all Government entity's eveywhere are being asked to cut their budgets.

You guys are broke and have no Budget.

What a miss leading headline. You should go into politics.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21205708

Food Stamps helped buy the last election -- every American knows it!

2004: $27.1 Billion
2005: $31.1 Billion
2006: $32.9 Billion
2007: $33.2 Billion
2008: $37.6 Billion
2009: $53.6 Billion
2010: $68.3 Billion
2011: $75.7 Billion
2012: $87.4 billion

Source: USDA

.food stamps are up cause well people are starveing no
work hello?????
not all can garden its actually illegal in some areas,
 Quoting: Bucephelus

 Quoting: mimmsy

I've often wondered, why is gardening illegal in some areas?
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