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Subject X

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User ID: 6726536
United States
01/26/2013 11:12 PM
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Subject X
Why is it that hard for people to believe that there is no god, devil or afterlife. If you really think about it.

We are the only species that claims a god, or several of them!
The only one that prays because you don't ever see your dog pray.
Why does Mother Nature exist then.
How does the devil still exist if he's the "almighty".
If he did create the world then why are there so many stars.
Why does the Milky Way exists too..
Why were there dinosaurs then.
Why create us so late or so soon?
If god does exist then he's just as guilty as the devil or us.
Doing what the bible or god says is like doing what your parents
say to do after your 40 years old, never going to happen.
If everything happens for a reason then a homeless guy was meant to be homeless, or a rape victim was meant to get raped. Or the best part, what would be the point of doing anything if we will do it any way.
Way have the continents moved.
Why not more land then water.
Why is there tall or short people.
Why is there stupid or smart people.
Why is there black or white people.
Why not make every man the same or every women the same.
Why would a bear or wolf tear your face off if god had control over of them.
If there were Ten Commandments then where are they.
If god was real then would it not be easier to come down here and say hey I do exist, now do this not that.
How does one interpret the bible. Would that not be here say.
If we came from Adam and Eve then we screw our brothers and sisters every day.
If god created us, how could you do evil things.
Why do we even eat or sleep if were created from a "god".
If the the devil was so evil then why does he pray on weak people.
If someone doesn't know from right and wrong, do they go to heaven or hell.

I would go on but god is holding a gun to my head and told me to stop or I'm going to hell. Then again hell looks better then heaven.

Why is it....

User ID: 6726536
United States
01/26/2013 11:24 PM
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Re: Subject X
Apparently hell has the Internet, which makes sense but I'm to busy helping the devil burn the bad ones which doesn't make any god damn sense.