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Message Subject Must Watch Documentary: THE RING OF POWER (ALL IN ONE PART)
Poster Handle Wassup, Cool Breeze?
Post Content

Who rules the World?

Is the story of Jesus really true? Is he really the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar?

Are the Royal Family direct descendants of Jesus?

Who is the Anti-Christ?

What is the NWO?

This documentary goes into all that and MUCH more...

 Quoting: ***ClappaGuy***

The lady's name is Grace Powers. She has 2 other movies that I know of.
One called "Monkey Blood" where she says all greek mythological beings in fact truly existed & were aliens.
Another called "The Revolution Trap" where she says David dIcke is the only reliable revolutionary.

I saw it & while some things made a lot of sense, other things made me wonder where the hell she got it from. Any1 else seen the whole thing?
 Quoting: Wassup, Cool Breeze?

Also, if Jesus was just a regular dude, what's the point of having an Anti-Regular Dude? Anti-Christ loses meaning if the original Christ is just some random buddhist. She takes away Christ's meaning, but leaves the Anti-Christ's meaning 100% intact. Doesn't really add up.
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