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Message Subject Oh my Oh My
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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That's kind of a cop out. People are waking up faster than ever now that they are able to circumvent the mainstream matrix. It will only continue because once you wake up you can't go back. But, tptb might not want to give us that chance. The private central banking scheme is about out of gas, and the brainwashing tactics are becoming less effective as well. So, tptb worldwide are plotting their final takeover, and I'm sure they'll try to blame everything on us to justify their next steps of "austerity" and global control. But we know better than to take all the blame for a world primarily run by them for a long time now. Especially when most people were in the dark about how the world really worked up until recently. It doesn't absolve us from blame, but it means we haven't been given the opportunity to prove ourselves either and that shouldn't sit well with anyone. Especially when some of tptb have accumulated much of their power by inheritance or criminal activity. How do they get to lecture us? The people of the world have only recently been presented with the information and systems to make significant changes in their world. In time, they will demand better. But how much time, and will tptb allow them that time?

We might see some dark days in the short term. Eventually space travel will become cheap and safe enough where freedom will exist again in some form. World population will also reduce naturally as a result of technology. For the time being though, things could get ugly. But, like you said if people lose their freedom enough most will know what they're missing and want them back. But will that be allowed? That's what the controller types always say... we get the world we want. What if the awakening continues and we want something better? Will they allow it? Or do they only say such things so that we the people have to take all the blame for the world?

Hopefully the next phase isn't as tyrannical as you describe. Are there any powerful factions pushing for a less draconinan future? Checks and balances are always good. Tyranny is a slippery slope. Eventually the top tiers will turn on each other too, and on and on... highlander style. Is that the future? Bring back the Constitutional Republic. If you believe absolute power still corrupts, then you should believe in the god given rights and balance of power that the Constitution provides. It might not be a perfect document, but it's a good template in light of the reality of power tending to corrupt. But yeah, I'm not too optimistic in the short term. I think some big things are afoot in order to push humanity into wanting the global system and austerity (dependancy) model. The awakening will eventually reach a tipping point, but it might be hard to reclaim our freedoms at that point. We'll see. Don't want to give up. And long term, there's always the hope of space travel, so I am short term negative, long term positive on our future. What do you think?
 Quoting: ^Faceless^

I was speaking of the short term.

Of course the long term is much brighter.
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