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Message Subject A digestive system is irrefutable proof that there is no loving god
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Well since you're automatically excluding the bible, idk how much this would be worth to you. But we weren't originally made to eat other animals. Just fruits and veggies and the sort. It's true. That was a while back and society today has been conditioned for a while now to eat meat.
I truly believe that we weren't supposed to eat meat, but we were given free will after all. I think our loving God made food and sustenance for fuel, and for us to be thankful. Food tastes fucking great wouldn't you agree? Yeah you can say that if we didn't need it then it wouldn't matter. But here we are. Man is to blame for societies problems like hunger etc etc. It's all part of the fall of mankind.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32950311

How does this it play out if man uses his free will to reject the existence of god? Or man decides to use it to supersede god. There you have it, free will with its pitfall. So free will must have its limits to be subjugated to whatever created it. As to the Op, it could be argued that an intelligent god could not devise such a system especially in the light of most problems of humans coming from there. I dont know about evolution but man before creation was first on the lab table. There are even parts of man like the appendix which has no known function.
 Quoting: rampup

First off, the appendix has a function.
And yeah it's your free will to reject God. Nowhere saying you arent able to do so. And of course we are limited to whatever created us. But we were created with our own wills and ability to reason. Which is why you see many differing opinions. I'm not sure I understand your point on free will. Do you think God would create us able to supersede him? Nothing supersedes him, he is the source of life, it wouldn't make sense if creation could supersede creator.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32950311

The point I`m getting across is that free will could just be a delusion. We are on this rock not by our choice, free will or no, we can´t change a thing. It has been so with all the civilizations that were before us. Its only a matter of time that future generations would be digging up artifacts about us. Hope you get it this time.
 Quoting: rampup

You're right, humans are here and that ain't changing anytime soon. But we do have free will, limited yes, but we can do anything our bodies can handle, our voices can say, our minds think, all freely. Nobody told you to write out anything. You did.
Now, since we are here and there isn't any changing to that, shouldn't we be doing are best to find out the meaning of this complexity we call existence? We are created beings. If you deny the evolution standpoint, then you have to understand that nothing cant beget intelligence. Intelligence begets intelligence. So to think, we are personal, intelligent, creative beings with so much potential. Wouldn't the source of this creation have to be more intelligent than us?
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