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Message Subject A digestive system is irrefutable proof that there is no loving god
Poster Handle scimitar
Post Content
Perhaps it was not possible to create another kind of physical creature due to a rules based environment.

If the only guarantee in this existence is that eventually one will suffer it may well be a primary purpose for the spiritual self to know the physical realm.

One difficulty I have in the common perception of God is that many consider God to be a self-contained entity....... such as ourselves. This to me is ludicrous. In a way we are all a tiny piece of God, including all atoms of matter, basically Energy and a place for it to exist IS God.

No human is endowed with any Rights from God or elsewhere. We are all given opportunities, many are lucky enough to enjoy varying levels of freedom and privileges.

I think we should realize that a beating heart is not important, the spiritual heart is what's important.

Well that's about enough of my broken rambling.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Day
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