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Message Subject A digestive system is irrefutable proof that there is no loving god
Poster Handle SpaceCommand
Post Content
No loving god would create an existence where their creations are dependent on a digestive system to survive. This is based on hunger, pain, suffering, killing, death. Life forms on this planet are forced to live this way. Doesn't sound like a very friendly creator to me.

An all-powerful being would have the means to create a universe where life forms would live in harmony and have no need for a digestive system, hence no dependence on food and water for survival, animals would not hurt or kill each other or live in fear if this was the case. But since that isn't our reality this is solid proof either god doesn't exist, or if this god does exist, then by creating such conditions shows how evil this deity all you brainwashed bibletards worship actually is.

Who in their right mind would consider this a loving god, can you be more delusional?

I'm not denying the possibility of other dimensions, but we are here in this one right now, So why was such a hostile dimension/existence created then? And why is life put here to endure it? Whichever way you put it, doesn't sound very friendly to me.

Animals (life forms) still slaughter each other to survive, that's not my definition of a free and loving creation, bibletard. And if you look down upon another living creature just because your own species is sentient and dominant then you're a deluded fool.

Let's make this clear:

THREAD NOT ABOUT HUMANS/BIBLE/HEAVEN, if your reply relates to any of this, you're just displaying your ignorance and can fuck off.

All bible quotes will be considered off topic spam and ignored. learn to think for yourself instead of letting someone elses book do it for you.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11421136

Look at the entire living creature, and all its parts, kidneys, intestines, eyes, ears, and brain. It takes all of these things working together for you to think and to write these things. All of us living on the earth have this way of life. It is the fullest dimension of existence. Try living without pain, and you would be like a leper, dissolving yourself with each unattended bump. No hunger? No enjoyment of food. No suffering? No relief from it. No death, no digestive system? Try living on a world with thousand pound blobs of shit exploding and resurrecting! No butt, no relief. The problem with your argument is nothing exists to compare it, unless you fathom a sterile android existence.

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