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Message Subject A digestive system is irrefutable proof that there is no loving god
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
well, there is that sungazing shit. i mean if there is a god he gave us free will, and that free will kind of led us to our own evolution. If us as humans, over millions and billions of years, slowly just stopped eating less and less and less, and only bred with the ones who were best with the least food, maybe we could evolve to not even need food.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26184594

Research Breatharianism. Some people have got off food and only use Air (Prana) to survive. They are very healthy but it took them years to achieve this way of life. After watching these people it made me thing about how much our creates our world. It looks like some are called to this way of life.

 Quoting: Amy_A

If you believe this, I have some companies you should invest money in. Then again, if you believe this, you are more than likely on some sort of gov't assistance program and have absolutely no income to invest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30981074

That is fine. The human body is amazing. Please research the subject. It will blow your mind.

 Quoting: Amy_A

Amy, I only know of a handful of people who claim to be able to "live off sunlight by staring at the Sun". Since we know that damages the optic nerve, it seems foolhearty. It is an interesting phenomena.

[link to www.guardian.co.uk]
"While the test was running, I exposed some of those loopholes in a live programme on India TV: an official video clip revealed that Jani would sometimes move out of the CCTV camera's field of view; he was allowed to receive devotees and could even leave the sealed test room for a sun bath; his regular gargling and bathing activities were not sufficiently monitored and so on. I demanded an opportunity to check the test set-up with an independent team of rationalist experts. There was no immediate reaction from Ahmadabad. But a sudden call from Sterling hospital invited me live on TV to join the test the next day itself."
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