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Everybody should already have experience with cooking beans and rice in tasty ways.

Again, that stainless steel pressure cooker....

Kidney beans contain a toxin that is removed in a rolling boil for ten minutes... before drying again to be ground into a bean flour.

Garbanzo beans (chick peas) good to go dry.... falafel is a favorite of mine.

Everybody should have gone through dry runs of all the things/techniques they'll need to be doing ITSHTF.

Living in Hurricane Land has been a boost in doing just that...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33173490

Falafel is an excellent survival food from the Middle East from combining fava beans and chickpeas and fried in oil to make a veggie burger. It's often eaten with pita bread, which I believe is ideal for preppers rather than loaves. Then a dollop of a vinegarette of onions and cuccumbers, perhaps some fresh basil, and a goat cheese or sour cream. It's delicious. All of those things could be grown or raised on your homestead.

At the end, she says, "Hoda hafez", which in Persian means God bless you. Though I am a devout Christian, we can learn things from Jews and Muslims, and it's good to find some commonality despite out many differences.

NOTE: Oil is a critical resource for preppers. Most likely in the USA, we'll be using canola which is expressed in large amounts from rapeseed. It also could be used for lamp oil, though sesame would be better, rapeseed is more suited to the USA climate. Don't purchase GMO rapeseed. The fodder left from heirloom rapeseed can be eated by your livestock, but they despise GMO rapeseed leftovers.

All people breaking sod, and that is an AWFUL job, will use rapeseed, for it busts up and penetrates the soil with its root system. Most suburban homes in the USA are built on spent farmland, and hence have low nutrients in the clay soil and lack humus. You must have rapeseed in your prepper supplies.
[link to ir.library.oregonstate.edu]

The only other way to bust clay sod is river sand. It places tiny sand spaces between the clay plates of your soul. Since it's not burned up by the breakdown of humus, it will permanently alter the soil i.e. called friability.

Otherwise, fat will be very rare and sought after since the only animals in nature that produce it in large numbers are geese or the extremely rare bear to be caught. Pork fat and some beef fat will be used. Pigs were almost always free range in frontier times resulting in better meat and healthier pigs with less parasite issues. It's why we have feral pigs today.

Most game animals like rabbit and squirrel are very lean, and so chewy, and provide less calories. They're important to supplement but will be eaten fast post-collapse, and in doing so, may severely curtail their numbers the next season.
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